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Introducing Pingu’s English
International Kindergarten Phuket

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          Phuket Plus Co.,Ltd. is pleased to confirm its investment for the successful future of children in Phuket with Pingu’s English International Kindergarten, located at the premise of Prime Pano, as part of the launch of the Prime Pano residential project. This will be the first Pingu’s English
International Kindergarten in Thailand.
          On 8 June 2023, Mr. Manasanant Nararatwanchai, the managing director of Phuket Plus Co., Ltd., signed the Unit Licensee Agreement of Pingu’s English International Kindergarten with Dr. Nipat Ungpakornkaew, the managing director of Club Academia Co., Ltd., the Master Licensee of Pingu’s English in Thailand, for the founding of Pingu’s English International Kindergarten Phuket, looking to start taking enrolments from 1 January 2025.
          Pingu’s English International Kindergarten is a three-year, full-time program which has been developed in collaboration between the Linguaphone Group and Kingston University London, experts in pre-school curriculum and research, to provide exceptional care and education for children of 3-6 years old with the goal to fully prepare children for school, to become global citizens, and become bilingual. In an ever-changing world, there is a growing need for our children to become confident English speakers, successful problem-solvers and future leaders with values such as politeness, tolerance and respect for others. Using innovative digital technology combinedwith leading educational methodologies, Pingu’s English International Kindergarten has supported thousands of students worldwide in preparation for formal schooling.
          Pingu’s English International Kindergarten is owned by the Linguaphone Group who brings over 120 years of experience in international education programs. Their vast experience and knowledge earn them the reputation as a world-leading authority in education and language training. As well as being a global leader in language learning, Pingu’s English is the only international kindergarten curriculum based around the lovable and award-winning character, Pingu, watched by over 1 billion people globally. Pingu’s English International Kindergarten Phuket joins a network of over 200 Pingu’s English schools worldwide.
          Mr. Derek Price, CEO of the Linguaphone Group comments “Congratulations to Dr Nipat Ungpakornkaew and Mr. Manasanant Nararatwanchai on the launch of Pingu’s English International Kindergarten in Phuket, joining a network of our partners who are successfully delivering Pingu’s English curriculums in schools across the world. We are extremely proud of our innovative play-based learning techniques to help pupils discover vital language, math, IT and other important life skills, alongside developing their bilingual skills before starting formal education.”

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